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Not-so-crazy ‘Unreasonable at Sea’ incubates team success

Some days you just stumble upon them, usually on the web. Great things you really like. Game changing projects and disruptive ideas. Supposed-to-be-crazy visionaries. Don’t believe Steve Jobs was the only one, there are far more out there than you think.

One of this crazy ideas seems to be ‘Unreasonable at Sea‘, a mentor-driven accelerator for tech entrepreneurs looking for the next big thing. If you and your start-up gets on board, you sail around the globe to 14 destinations for 100 days together with 20 highly successful mentors. Total costs are estimated to be $120k and are fully covered by the accelerator.

Sounds crazy? Actually not so much.

A study by the Kauffmann Foundation revealed that the management team is one of the most critical success factors for a start-up, right after former business experience. And believe it or not, a great and functional team is all the more important if you wanna change the game. When you sail big disruptive waves, you will face a strong headwind for most of the time and basically see no tailwind. That’s really challenging and only great teams can keep up with that. Seems like ‘Unreasonable at Sea’ understood that pretty well. Being for 100 days on the same boat leaves no room for excuses. After such a journey, you will know where your team stands at, if it has what it takes and, most importantly, if it can stand the headwind. Knowing that is priceless for you and your team.

And for Unreasonable at Sea, it’s not unreasonable at all. They invest a little bit upfront, offer a great experience to promising tech companies and give away some of their wisdom through their mentoring. But what they get is actually worth much more than their initial investment – the certainty to have a great team minimizes their risk for the game-changing ventures they support. And that’s actually really smart.

Image (c) by http://www.flickr.com/photos/wili/

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