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Do you wanna be unicorn or meteor?

Hell, it’s been a while since my last post and to be honest, there is an excuse.

Ok, really there is none, one should always find a few minutes to talk about interesting stuff.

It’s just lately, the earth spins a bit faster and seems to be a little out of control. Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with Russian Meteors or other falling stars, this is more due to recent changes in my life. Extremely good changes that make me feel like a unicorn – sometimes.

A unicorn?

Well, I am still me, but if you can spare a few minutes, listen to Shawn Achor in the video below. The video is not uniquely about unicorns. The metaphor he uses is charming, but what’s even more appealing is his key message –  really impressive and shocking at the same time. Where would the world end if we all embraced the Happiness Advantage? I don’t know but I am sure we would be fewer stars falling down on us.


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2011 is past, embrace 2012!

2011 is past. Gone forever. Nothing you can change anymore.

If you look back now and don’t want to change anything you have done 2011, well, then I would call that a great year – or a year where you haven’t done much at all.
If in looking back you find a few things you would do differently if you were in the same situation again, then 2011 was an even greater year, because of the whole lot of experience you gained.
If in looking back you want to change almost everything, well, then 2012 is now here. Let’s embrace it with everything we have – cheers to a great, healthy, peaceful, incredible and awesome 2012!

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