My name is Chris Schmid. I am a manager, economist and entrepreneur. I trust that people like us, small business owners, entrepreneurs and startup artists want to change the world for the better. Still I’ve noted for a few years now that our economic foundation, which brought us wealth in past, has changed and not necessarily for the better. I feel it is necessary to talk about this to remember what we are working for and how we spend our limited time that life offers. So this is my blog. bluside talks about things that go right or terribly wrong in today’s economic world.

Edit September 2013: I decided to tweak a little bit the scope of this blog. I will still talk about things that go right or wrong in today’s economic world from an bird’s-eye or macroeconomic perspective. But t I will also use this opportunity to share micro-economic thoughts and experiences. I will talk about personal challenges, experiences and other great moments that will happen along the road to building up a new venture.

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