Hello EU, Why don’t you care about your people?

Elections in Greece are over, the EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine almost. The final match will be Italy against Spain. That’s simple, just two teams against each other. In the European Union, however, it feels like it’s everybody against everybody. Plus, our politicians still think they can play foul and fool people in every possible way. I am dead sure that there is not a single person in the European Union, neither in Portugal nor in Greece, neither in Italy nor in Ireland, Germany or France who is not desperately frustrated by this whole situation. I believe people are not frustrated by the apparent threat from the Financial Markets or the debt crisis as a whole. Many Europeans have gone through both cold and hot wars and are resilient. Much more resilient than the banker in his suit who is close to a stroke because he is worried about the speculative gains made with money he never owned.

No, people are frustrated about the political debate, the poor impression our EU politicians give and the lack of dedication to us, the people.

When I was still at school, I grew up in a post-cold war Hurray Europe and everybody except former communists were huge fans of that. So me. During my first travels in Europe, I still had to exchange money and carry traveler’s cheques, the Euro wasn’t there yet. People all over the place were friendly and happy to live in a Europe without threat of a cold hot war. And life was made even easier with the Euro. Although it’s a small continent, there is an abundance in culture and diversity among Europeans. Still, the many people I met so far share a common European spirit. They like living in this Europe as much as they hated living in a cold war stress and during real war times. So, don’t blame the European idea, it’s a great one. At the same time, the same people I met hate that monstrous political construct that calls itself European Union.

These 350 words sum up pretty much how we feel in Europe.

Hello EU, why don’t you care about your people?

Image (c) by http://www.flickr.com/photos/fdecomite/

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