This ‘Tipping Point’ is freaking me out…

Did you read Malcom Gladwell‘s book “The Tipping Point” ? No? Good for you. Because I’ve read it and it is driving me crazy ever since.

The ‘Tipping Point’ Gladwell is referring to is that magic moment every entrepreneur is dreaming of achieving. It’s the small event or action that finally gives you, your product, your service or any other adventure that critical mass to spread like wildfire. And when you read through the examples in this book, you certainly learn why this observation is perfectly reasonable and that very little things can really make a big difference. You begin to understand a bit how trends evolve, how products can become popular and all this is very interesting and insightful. I don’t want to criticize anything in this book, it all makes perfect sense. It is just that now I am in a situation, where I believe it would be better for me not knowing about all this stuff. But I cannot erase these thoughts and ideas anymore, they stick in my head and I have tried everything, including drinking.

So I am screwed.

I am screwed because right now I am in a situation where one of my goals is to get exactly that critical mass, to pass that very threshold. But now, that I know how very little things can have a huge impact, this very thing starts driving me crazy. Seriously. You change your way of working to the extent that you reformulate every sentence in an email a dozen times because you think that maybe the recipient doesn’t understand what you were trying to say in your first version. And maybe this recipient is just your tipping point. And because you haven’t reached that tipping point yet, you try different things and apply changes very often because, you know, sometimes it could be just that you used a different word than before that could tip the whole thing and make it work, right?

I don’t even have a remedy for you. As much as I try not to think of the tipping point, it always remains in my head. The more you work and the more decisions you make per day, the more ‘possible tipping point” situations appear. It is a book that is driving someone crazy, even three years after reading it. I guess that is what you call a ‘powerful book’.

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One thought on “This ‘Tipping Point’ is freaking me out…

  1. my favorite article so far, because it´s the most personal one…k.eep on going and surely you´ll reach that tipping point!

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