Have you found your Mr. Timber?

For your business, customers are everything. If you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business. When you start having more than just a few customers, you will sooner or later inevitably get that customer, who you wish would’ve never found you. Who should have never called. That person who always complains and never says thank you. You wish he or she would just stop being your customer. Stop being that customer who doesn’t help you to grow your business further.

When this customer found me, I had a though time getting used to him. And now that I am, I call him “Mr. Timber”. If you see your business as a growing tree, it is the person who wants to chop it into pieces, not knowing how strong that tree could still grow. It is Mr. Timber’s life-task to make wood and he will not care about you.

While many need to deal with this special customer, very few have a special name for him or her. Most people will, after they went through the refusal phase, just accept their it-would-be-better-if-he-never-found-us customer as a fact of business life. You can do so. But abstracting things in the human head can be cool. So, my it-would-be-better-if-he-never-found-us customer is now “Mr. Timber”. It helps me a lot separating the two things and getting my head clear for important stuff. There is the business and there is Mr. Timber. You can even write Mr. Timber a postcard for Christmas, how cool is that.


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